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Most frequent questions and answers

I have an air curtain type FLC / FLG that no longer works. What do I have to do?

Since we no longer manufacture these types, please contact us.

Do you offer electric heaters in your air curtains in addition to water heaters?

No, we work exclusively with water heaters. These require a hot water connection.

How does an air curtain system actually work?

Please see our accompanying letter here.

Can I see an air curtain in operation?

We would be happy to invite you to our company to see an air curtain in operation.

Up to how many meters of light measure can be built?

We can build air curtain systems up to five meters high and 9 meters wide. All units are built and delivered in one piece.

Do you offer only horizontal units?

In addition to the horizontal units, our product range also includes vertical ones.
These are especially suitable when there is not enough space at the top of the door.

What is included in the accessories?

In addition to each air curtain, we supply the corresponding material. The standard package includes two brackets, ear plates, two counter plates, a windmill, a proximity switch and associated screws for mounting. If you assemble by yourself, you will also receive assembly instructions.

What are the delivery times?

Our regular delivery times are 4-8 weeks. These can also be extended or shortened, depending on the order. For shipping or installations in stock, delivery times are about two weeks.

What is the difference between THERMO - and FRIGOVENT?

THERMOVENT units are specially designed for factory halls or doors. FRIGOVENT units are suitable for cooling and freezing rooms.

What distinguishes FRIGOQUIP from other air curtain manufacturers?

  • We manufacture our products in Germany, at our location in Lower Saxony (Melle).
  • We offer free guidance to our customers.
  • We have short delivery times due to short internal decision-making processes.
  • We can supply and install swing doors and strip curtains in addition to each air curtain.
  • Our systems start very quickly and quietly, moreover they need little energy even in continuous operation.


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